Over 1000 Free Online Games


Over 1000 Free Games Online

Gamesloo Has Over 1000 Free Games Online

Today’s online gamers will find a wide range of options to choose when considering free computer games to play online. Some of these choices include free action, adventure, casino, fighting, puzzle, racing, shooting, sports, and strategy games.

Those who wish to play with others can opt for free multiplayer games, which bring together people from around the world. Gamesloo has over 1000 games you can play for free online.

Free to Play

The wide range of alternatives has broadened the appeal of online gaming to a larger audience than card and board games. Once thought to be the marker of a single, white, twenty something nerd living in his parents’ basement, free online games today have players from every age group and segment of society.

Wide audience appeal, online connectivity to others around the world, and a range of choices ensure that free online gaming will remain popular for many years to come. Gamesloo has over 1000 games to choose.

Free Action

Free online action appeals to those who prefer a fast pace during play. Often little problem solving is involved, but there is a growing segment of free action which has a more cerebral bend in addition to the rapid fire of weaponry. Whether the player wishes to engage in mindless alien blasting or fending off enemies in historically accurate online wars, there is something for all. Gamesloo has nearly 1000 options in the action genre.

Free Casino

Online casinos have table games such as poker, Blackjack and Roulette or machines like slots. Poker is different from other online gaming because it is a skill game, the players play against each others and the best players win.

Other online casino games have more or less random outcome, they are played against the house and the casino has an edge. Some of them like Blackjack have a strong skill element and when played with optimal strategy the house edge can be as small as 0.5%. Online slots have no skill element at all but they often offer jackpots which can be so huge that the players have a temporary edge against the house.

Free Shooting

Online shooting began mildly with Nintendo Duck Hunt. Today there is more blood and gore, and the targets can be anything from people to monsters to aliens. Most free shooting games are played from a first person perspective, but there are a few free third person and multiple player shooting games available online.

Tactical shooting injects a degree of realism into play while bringing the player into a team. Teamwork, either with human or computer team members, is a critical part of success. The free online shooting games provide the same stress relief sought while hunting animals, and they are sure to remain one of the most popular, free genres online. Gamesloo has nearly 1000 games in this gaming genre.

Free Fighting

The sometimes very violent online fighting puts players against others or the computer in an effort to battle it out to the next level. Single players compete in hand to hand combat online. Physics-defying movements are often used during play such as leaping dozens of feet in the air. Magical weapons such as extra life potions and invincibility shields appear in some fighting. Ever present in arcades, the Street Fighter series has been a hallmark of free fighting online.

Free Adventures

Online adventures have been likened to interactive movies. These free games often have more complex plots than other games. The player is immersed in a story line wherein he must achieve some goal. Along the way, there are interactions with other characters which might be computer or human players. A hallmark is the large number of problems and puzzles which must be solved during the course of play. An example of this puzzle solving adventure is the classic game Myst.

Online adventures are often more laid back than action games, but they can have moments when rapid hand-eye coordination is required. Those which combine a plot with action are dubbed action adventure games such as Tomb Raider and The Legend of Zelda.

Free Online Puzzles

The popular online puzzles with a plot are usually categorized with others in the adventure gaming genre, but there are some free online games which remain. Examples of these purely problem solving free online games are Tetris, solitaire, and mazes. The appeal of online puzzle genre is the light amount of concentration involved during play while still maintaining a level of brain cell activity.

Free puzzles are usually intended for single players, but there are online puzzles which have been adapted for multiple players. Online puzzles are notorious for being addictive, and many find that they will play for hours on end. Gamesloo has far more than 1000 puzzles.

Free Racing

The genre of online racing has seen a resurgence since NASCAR began airing on broadcast television. Movies have also added to their popularity. Most of the free games in the online racing genre involve cars, but there are free games which also involve racing carts, motorbikes or trucks. Some of them are designed to most closely simulate a realistic racing environment such as the online NASCAR games, others take a more fantastical approach to racing. These online games are some of the most easily adaptable for multiple players.

Free Sports

Online sports games bring the action of the field to your living room. The realism achieved by the newest editions of free online sports games astonishes. One of the earliest free games in this online genre was a tennis simulation called ‘Pong’. It allowed the player to rebound a ball hit to his side of the screen and the difficulty increased with the speed of the ball.

Today’s free sports simulation such as the popular NFL Madden series put the player on the field with others. Most of them are alike in their format. Not only does one run the ball but he also directs the movements of all other players on his team. Players are both the star of the team and the coach online. As long as professional sports are played, free online sports simulation will remain popular. Gamesloo has nearly 1000 games in sports genre.

Free Strategy Games

Online strategy games let the player become an omnipresent being who controls the actions of the people. These can include the movements of armies, civilians, or environmental factors. All free strategy games require thoughtful planning during play online. Some of them can last for an unlimited amount of time while other free games have a finite end.

The appeal of free online strategy games is seen in the variety of play. They have a high level of replay ability online due to the large number of factors which influence the outcome. Unlike some free adventure games online which end successfully or in death, strategy games can see one as leader of a city of 1000 or of a nation of millions. Gamesloo has over 1000 games to play free.

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